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Invest NY: Future of Food 2021

WHEN: June 10, 2021

WHERE: Online

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Max Clegg



NYSTAR and Upstate Capital present The Future of Food, an event to highlight the food and agtech industry and innovation in Upstate New York. This event brings together members from established food and beverage companies, suppliers, investors, and dealmakers together with entrepreneurs and startups. The event will be held online on June 10.

What to expect at Future of Food 2021:

Startup pitches for new products, services and companies
Conversations with business owners and CEOs building food & agtech businesses
Discussions with industry experts and investors in food, beverage, and agtech

Agenda & Speakers

10:00 PM

Invitation only: CEO Roundtable with Jeremy Shure, Grasshopper Bank

12:00 PM

Future of Food Startup Showcase – preview the startups here

1:00 PM

Hosted Networking with Investors

2:00 PM

Conversation with Max Clegg

2:30 PM

Leveraging Technology to Drive Manufacturing Process Improvement and EBITDA Gains with Tim Raven (Worximity) and Jim Ilaria (TooJay’s Deli Restaurant)

2:45 PM

Hatch Here: Finding the Right Incubator for your Startup with Colby Creedon (NYSTAR)

3:00 PM

Leveraging New York’s Resources with Cathy Young (Center of Excellence at Cornell AgriTech), Jenn Smith (Grow-NY Food & Ag Startup Program), John Ng (New York Steelhead, Hudson Valley Fisheries) and Tim Moag (Freed Maxick CPAs, P.C.)

3:30 PM

Ready, Set, Grow: How to Scale for Acquisition with Todd Kletter (Wealthpoint Management) and Maureen Ballatori (29 Design Studio)

3:45 PM

Investor Perspectives with Karin Gregory (Blue Highway Capital), Chris Laughton (Farm Credit East), Jonathan Greene (NY Ventures), Randy Bianchi (Lakelet Capital) and David Spungen (RegentAtlantic)

Startup Showcase

Michele Liddle -Owner – The Perfect Granola, LLC

The Perfect Granola

The Perfect Granola started in our home kitchen as a way to feed the hungry. It was our plan to create a food company where we could give away food and profits to help those in need and empower the underserved. What started as a dream quickly became The Perfect Granola, giving thousands of pounds of food and support to hundreds of organizations.

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Eduard Zaydman – Managing Partner / COO – New Age Renewable Energy LLC

New Age Renewable Energy

Environmental Technology company specializes in processing dairy production waste (whey derivatives) Whey, after removal of protein/fat, is mostly low ph water with lactose and ash. Those elements are very difficult to dispose of. Our, in-house developed, the process is able to utilize most solids in whey while leaving distilled water at the end of the process. Our process is very fast and does not rely on any enzymes or bacteria.

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Brian Goldberg – Co-founder & CEO -Mr. Bing

Mr. Bing Foods

Chili Crisp is the first packaged product extension of the Mr. Bing brand. Born out of the demand for a more sustainable, No-MSG & no preservative version of a well-known chili crisp from China, Mr. Bing Chili Crisp is a crazy delicious & addictive condiment that goes great on everything. Try it on eggs, pizza, pasta, burgers, rice, sandwiches… or just eat it straight!

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Jason Goodman – CEO – Antithesis Foods

Antithesis Foods

Antithesis Foods is a food technology company making better food through science. Our products are built from a novel processing technology that uses chickpeas to make more nutrient-dense ingredients.

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David Landay – Chairman of the Board – Charlie’s Table

Charlie’s Table, Inc.

Charlie’s Table is dedicated to building an asset-light, socially responsible, affordable luxury brand of premium, gluten-free, at-home, dining experiences indistinguishable from fresh food containing gluten – starting with our time and customer-tested, proprietary, signature, fresh artisanal pasta.

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Laura Decker – President – Prolific Earth Sciences

Prolific Earth Sciences

microBIOMETER® is a low-cost, 20-minute on-site soil test for microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio that allows you to quickly determine the health of your soil. Frequent retesting will provide you with the data necessary to identify if your soil management practices are working.

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Jeffrey Burbank – Co-Founder & CEO – Oaza Beverages, Inc.

Oaza Beverages, Inc.

Oaza developed a unique and innovative line of ready-to-drink (RTD) cold brew coffees, enhanced with electrolytes. As a first-of-its-kind functional coffee, designed for hydration and energy, Oaza is a disruptive entrant into the $3b RTD coffee category.

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Sharon Cryan – Founder & CEO – Foodnerd

Foodnerd Inc.

Foodnerd is a specialty food manufacturer with its headquarters in Buffalo, New York. Foodnerd specializes in 100% plant-based superfood products that are designed to increase the world’s understanding or accessibility of truly nutrient-dense foods.

Foodnerd is proud to stand out as a company that has pledged to never compromise its quality and benefits to its customers.

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Andrii Karpiuk – COO – BIOsens


BIOsens developed a portable and rapid precise mycotoxins detection device. From the farm to the fork, BIOsens helps clients to reduce the risk of mycotoxins contamination and avoid associated losses. Its unique solution is the first to provide an automated way to prepare samples of plants (e.g., corn, wheat) and analyze them on the content of mycotoxins within 21 minutes.

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Ulrika Pettersson – CEO & Founder – Unna Bakery

Unna Bakery

Unna Bakery brings a Non-GMO certified BUTTER cookie to the conventional market. Our cookies are all-natural and Kosher certified. Made without palm oil, soy and preservatives from my Swedish Grandma’s recipes passed down through generations. The 2 most popular claims that resonates with consumers are “all-natural” (68%) and “non-gmo” (45%).*

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Michael Waterman -CEO -Hudson Harvest

Hudson Harvest

We are a local food distributor based in New York’s Hudson Valley. We were founded in Kingston, NY in 2011 as Hudson Valley Harvest. Since then, we’ve delivered farm transparent local food throughout the Northeast to wholesale customers, including restaurants, catering companies, cafes, grocery stores, and schools, as well as directly to individuals and families, serving customers from Saratoga to Central New Jersey. We’re your one-stop shop for all of your favorite local foods.

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Amanda Bailey – Head of Operations – Mmmly

Mmmly Inc.

Mmmly is on a mission to take food to new heights with clean, purposeful, and functional ingredients. Founded on the idea that real food is essential for our overall well-being, Mmmly uses innovative ingredients, like monk fruit and tiger nut flour, to make delicious cookies that are organic, gluten-free, keto and paleo friendly.

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Andrea Ippolito -CEO &Founder – SimpliFed


Breastfeeding is hard. Making decisions about infant formula and breast pumps is overwhelming. Navigating anecdotes vs. evidence-based approaches is confusing. Whether during pregnancy or the first months of your baby’s life, we’re here to answer your questions. At SimpliFed, you’ll meet with a highly skilled and trained lactation consultant to provide answers quickly through a secure, online, video-based connection.

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Linda Alvarez -CEO & Co-Founder – LEVELLE Inc


LEVELLE Inc’s mission is to create nutritional products tailored for female endurance athletes based on their individual needs and supported through scientific research. We envision a world where female athletes no longer need to compromise on nutrition for the sake of performance. We aim to level the sports nutrition field so you can RUN LIKE A GIRL

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Catia Calmon Coelho – Co-Funder – Brauus


Brauus creates great food that can improve your health and your mood. We define great as delicious, good-for-you and convenient. Our job is to deliver it to you using natural ingredients, evidence-based science and simple, down-to-earth common sense.

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Donald De Laria – COO – Ellicottville Greens

Ellicottville Greens

An indoor farming and juicing company situated in Ellicottville, NY and locations around Western NY. Growing and processing high quality indoor herbs, leafy greens, and micro greens through sustainable methods.

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Alex Connor – CEO – Ripely


Ripely uses food to save food by producing specialty proteins using a timeless, food-safe process (a yeast fermentation that is akin to beer making). The proteins that Ripely produces are protected by a provisional patent, but share similarities to a protein that is harvested from animals and called fibroin.

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Thelma Oviasu – Founder – Tehiti Foods

Tehiti Foods

Our Patented technology has enabled us to render an innovative take on a familiar snack.

We have created the very first FORMED, gluten-free, low carbohydrate plantain chips and extended the value chain of a sustainable super food. Our tasty chips offer a solution to both the health and waste issues in snack manufacturing.

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