Upstate Capital Annual Event

Invest NY: Women’s Health

WHEN: September 16, 2021 | 12pm – 5pm

WHERE: Online


Meg Rice
Jordan Taylor Sloan
Gwen Cheni women's health
Maneesha Ghiya
Minolee Vora
Buffy Alegria

Highlighting the women’s health industry and innovation in New York.

Women’s health is a new focal point for investors. More research and more investment dollars are going into solving healthcare challenges that are specific to women such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer, fertility, pregnancy, birthing, and menopause. Some healthcare issues disproportionately affect women like infant care, but others such as heart disease (which is the leading cause of death of among women) have not had solutions developed which meaningfully consider gender as a factor. 

Paired with broader industry trends in digital health, like monitoring and tracking, UAS use in providing medical care, and AI use in diagnostics paired with electronic health records, there is significant innovation impacting women’s health, and increasingly, interest in investment in the sector.

Pitches from companies that create better access, care and outcomes for women’s health
Conversations with business owners and CEOs building women’s health businesses
Discussions with industry experts and investors in women’s health

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Women’s Health Startup Showcase


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Startup Showcase

Andrea Ippolito – CEO & Founder – SimpliFed


Breastfeeding is hard. Making decisions about infant formula and breast pumps is overwhelming. Navigating anecdotes vs. evidence-based approaches is confusing. Whether during pregnancy or the first months of your baby’s life, we’re here to answer your questions. At SimpliFed, you’ll meet with a highly skilled and trained lactation consultant to provide answers quickly through a secure, online, video-based connection.

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Dimitri Chernyak – CEO – Intelon Optics

Intelon Optics

Intelon Optics Inc. is a medical device company focusing on the development and commercialization of the Brillouin Optical Scanner System (BOSS™), a technology that enables next-generation point-by-point biomechanical imaging of eye structures, extending from the cornea to the posterior part of the globe.

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K.D Gulko – Co-Founder – Progenic Genomics

Progenic Genomics

Embryonic whole-genome analysis for assisted reproduction.

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Sheila Pande – CEO & Founder – Tandem Community

Tandem Community

Tandem Community is a digital health platform building accessible postpartum depression and anxiety mental health solutions with culturally curated tools and community for women of color

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Souvik Paul, CEO & Founder, Aurie


Aurie exists to support our users’ independence through the development of elevated medical products, so they can live their lives more fully on their own terms.

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Sanna Gaspard – CEO – Rubitection


Rubitection’s skin health and care management system improves assessment, detection, and care management of dermatological and vascular conditions. Mission: Rubitection’s mission is to be the global standard system for skin health monitoring and care management for wounds and chronic skin conditions.

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Jodi Neuhauser – CEO & Co-Founder – Ovaterra™


Ovaterra™ is the next generation of reproductive and sexual health. Professional-grade nutraceuticals and personalized cellular reproductive health platform developed by top IVF scientists. Born out of research. Delivered with compassion.

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Jill Nelson – Owner – Natural Beauty Breast Prosthesis, LLC

Natural Beauty Breast Prosthesis, LLC

Natural Beauty Breast Prosthesis proudly manufactures an all-natural fiber, organic, toxic-free external breast form for women who have had mastectomies.

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Stacy Blain – CEO & Co-Founder – Concarlo Holdings LLC

Concarlo Holdings LLC

Founded in July 2016 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Concarlo is a precision-medicine oncology company focused on diagnosing and treating cancer with an innovative approach to targeting a unique cellular pathway – p27Kip1.

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Vanessa Siverls – Founder – BUPeriod PBC

BUPeriod PBC

BUPeriod, Public Benefit Corporation, is a lifestyle brand for women who are underserved and underrepresented in the menstrual health and Fem-Tech Industry.

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Kimberly Flomerfelt Puc – Founder – Advanced Fetal Monitoring LLC

Advanced Fetal Monitoring LLC

Advanced Fetal Monitoring LLC was established in August 2020 to perform further research and development of the medical device co-invented, in collaboration at Syracuse University in 2013, by its Founder, Kimberly Flomerfelt-Puc.

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Invest NY: Women’s Health Planning Committee

Noa Simons

President & CEO, Upstate Capital

Matt Watson

Senior Vice President, NYSTAR

Emily Ekland

Vice President, NYSTAR Business Development

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