The Invest NY Event Series

Invest NY: Industry 4.0

WHEN: March 25, 2021

WHERE: Online


Joshua Ness



Discover innovations in technologies that power manufacturing into the 21st century.  New York has significant infrastructure and investment in commercializing new technologies in advanced manufacturing, hardware devices, IoT and other related sectors. Join us to meet startups, CEOs, investors and industry experts. The event will be held on March 25 online.  You’ll have the chance to:

Meet innovative startups 
Hear from active investors 
Learn from industry experts
Build your personal network

Agenda & Speakers

10:00 PM

By invitation only: CEO Roundtable with Jeremy Shure, Global Head of Early Stage Practice, Grasshopper Bank, and Joshua Ness, Head of Verizon 5G Labs Accelerator Program

12:00 PM

Startup Showcase: 20+ startups pitch their new technologies in advanced manufacturing, hardware devices, IoT and other related sectors

2:00 PM

Keynote Presentation: Joshua Ness, Verizon 5G Labs Accelerator Program

2:45 PM

Panel Discussion: 21st Century Supply Chain in the Age of COVID

3:30 PM

Panel Discussion: Investing in Innovation & Improving Profitability

4:00 PM

Group & 1:1 Networking Opportunities

Startup Showcase

Jason Guss – CEO & Founder – Iterate Labs

Iterate Labs

Iterate Labs is digitizing workforce motion to provide visibility and maximize lean labor operations and safety in the industrial sector. Our connected worker platform provides data driven solutions for production, safety, training, and operations

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Noel Goddard – CEO – Qunnect


Qunnect is a spin-off venture from the Quantum Information Technology group at Stony Brook University that focuses on engineering novel quantum devices enabling future information networks and quantum computing using photons to communicate and atoms to store and process quantum information.

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Casey Hoffman – CEO & Founder – Vistex Composites

Vistex Composites

Vistex Composites is a manufacturing innovation company that has developed disruptive technology for the manufacture of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite products.

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Devin Breen – Co-Founder – CHAaSM


CHAaSM’s mission is securing the software supply chain. The CHAaSM Cloud Software Factory automates building cloud-native applications with a Trust Nothing Architecture.

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Rich Mokuolu – CEO & Co-Founder – Partsimony Inc.


Partsimony is building a cognitive manufacturing supply chain that leverages transactional data to provide deep insights around Manufacturer Discovery, Design Intent, and Supply Chain Resilience.

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Ilayda Samilgil – CEO & Co-Founder – Organic Robotics Corporation

Organic Robotics Corporation

Organic Robotics Corporation produces Light Lace, a fiberoptic sensor technology. Light Lace sensors can bend and twist with the human form, for measuring muscle activity, respiration and motion.

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Timothy Williamson – COO – QTH 54 Inc.

QTH 54 Inc.

Machine Document is a tool to allow technicians instant access to your important documentation and diagrams while on the job. By simply scanning a QR code affixed to the machine they get access to a compilation of crucial resources for the task at hand.

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Daniel Blank – CEO & Co-Founder – Toggle


Toggle is building new technology to increase safety, efficiency and productivity for the world’s most ubiquitous building material: reinforced concrete.

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Bicheng Chen – CEO & Co-Founder – CPNET LLC


CPNet is an Industrial IoT and AI company founded by graduates of Wharton MBA program to bring Industry 4.0 technology to mid-market producers across several traditional manufacturing verticals, helping them to improve productivity of their legacy equipment at a fraction of replacement cost

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Carol Maxwell – CEO – MICROrganic Technologies Inc.


MICROrganic has a revolutionary solution for Wastewater Treatment, a technology that was novel when invented (in 1914). As wastewater treatment became widespread, the benefits came along with issues. On average, 57% of a wastewater treatment plant energy use is just for aeration.

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Travis Kuster – CEO – Frio


Frio is developing the next generation of IoT controllers for building and HVAC systems. We use innovative sensing and control methods to improve energy efficiency and user experience.

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Miles Flamenbaum – CEO – Actasys


Actasys solves a critical problem preventing greater levels of autonomous mobility and affecting massive investments by the automotive industry – the ability of automotive sensors and cameras to see in all weather and operating conditions.

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Moshe Binyamin – President – MTI Instruments

MTI Instruments

MTI Instruments designs, develops and sells general purpose sensors and systems using capacitive, laser and photonic technologies. The sensors are non-contact and typically of very high resolution.

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Tim Raven – Managing Director – Worximity


Worximity Technology create businesses applications for mobile and tablets, mainly on iOS.

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Are you running a startup in the advanced manufacturing, IoT, hardware/software or big data industry? We want to meet you! Pitch your startup to investors interested in the sector at the event!


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