State of Upstate – Q2 2020

Q2 2020 INSIGHTS: Across Upstate New York, the private capital markets mirrored the upheaval in larger society given the COVID19 pandemic, although the overall numbers look steady with a total of 53 deals reported in Q2 2020.
  • There were 53 deals in Q2 versus 59 transactions recorded in Q1 2020. A significant amount of activity shifted from later stage private equity and M&A transactions to early stage angel and venture capital investments for the 1H 2020. 
  • M&A deals, were down from 23 in Q1 to 14 in Q2. By comparison, for the first of 2019, there were 55 M&A transactions, so activity is down 33% year over year. 
  • We expect to see M&A activity to pick up again in the 2nd half of the year. Surprisingly, overall deal activity is on pace relative to 2019 across the region, primarily due to more early stage investment activity.


Every quarter, Upstate Capital aggregates deal flow across Upstate New York.  Data includes deals that you and other Upstate Capital community members report, in addition to data collected from other sources. 

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