Member Highlight: Joe Jessup

Meet Joe Jessup: Partner, Fractional CFO at TechCXO, LLC

For Joe Jessup, it’s all about the people. He’s an Ex-Citicorp global banker with a CFA and recent roles as CFO and advisor for entrepreneurial and mid-sized companies across consumer products, food & beverage, E-commerce, education and training, financial services and other industries.

He’s a Partner, Fractional CFO and C-suite advisor for TechCXO, LLC. The company provides proven executives on demand as temporary, fractional and part-time leaders for tech firms. Their client list is large and is focused on startups, though they’ve worked with some public companies like General Electric and LeapFrog.

“It’s fun to be able to work with a variety of businesses. Being focused on high growth, typically venture-backed companies, my client’s businesses are also always going through change, which keeps things exciting!”

TechCXO’s fractional execs provide staff coaching & development, fill in for unexpected departures, help assess and define permanent needs, and quickly add to the talent around the table when hitting critical inflection points.

While Joe may be all about the network, his recent move from NYC to the Adirondacks that was prompted by COVID has led him to enjoy “the great outdoors like never before: hiking, golf, boating, wildlife and fantastic scenery.” It’s also led him to Upstate Capital. As our newest member, Joe joined “to meet new people, make new friends, and introduce the group to the TechCXO brand.”

With the connections he makes through Upstate Capital, Joe hopes “to spread awareness of the unparalleled value proposition of a fractional leader, particularly when high growth demands a higher level of experience and skills but it’s too early for full time.”

Welcome to Upstate Capital, Joe!

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