Meet Robyn Polansky Morrison, the Founder + Lead Principal of MORR Strategy LLC

Meet Robyn Polansky Morrison: 
Founder + Lead Principal of MORR Strategy LLC

MORR Strategy is an independent, cross-disciplinary advisory and consultancy firm that provides financial advice and hands-on solutions for individuals, families and institutions. Founded by Robyn Polansky Morrison, the firm looks to make impactful investments and to give philanthropically as well as help entrepreneurs seeking capital to create change. They specialize in financial literacy and strategy, impact and values-based investing and intentional philanthropy.

As the founder, Robyn loves “the ability to create financial stability that leads to confidence and successful outcomes be it personal and/or professional,” and defines her work as the intersection of money and meaning. 

Her work and life are inspired by her childhood, and in particular, her parents. Her mother’s generosity and unwavering passion to help others in any way she could and her father’s commitment to “working harder and smarter” serves as an inspiration to her. In addition to founding MORR Strategy, she is an avid indoor cyclist, aspiring children’s book author and passionate volunteer. 

Robyn’s work is based in Saratoga Springs, Loudonville and New York City, but considers herself new to the Upstate business community. She joined as a member of Upstate Capital because, for her, “it’s critically important for me to join this grounded and networked organization that offers the opportunity to learn as well as grow my business.”

Welcome to the Upstate Capital network, Robyn!

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