Innovation Law Center’s Rebrand Aims to Attract Inventors

Innovation Law Center’s Rebrand Aims to Attract Inventors

The New York State Science & Technology Law Center housed at Syracuse University recently announced the newly-named Innovation Law Center. It is a rebrand of the Technology Commercialization Law Center, a program started in 1990 to help bring technologies to market all across New York and beyond.

Director Jack Rudnick explains, “many people confuse innovation with invention.” Invention is creating the technology, but the “definition of innovation is taking the tech and making money with it.” The Innovation Law Center is specifically targeting and aiming to help “people who know how to invent, but don’t know how to innovate.”

The program is comprised of three primary components: 1) non-proprietary research and education, 2) free services for tech-based startups through the NYSTAR-funded New York State Science & Technology Law Center, and 3) contract work for private companies around the world. When working with a client, the Innovation Law Center takes a look at the landscape for the invention, including examining the market, the competition, intellectual property issues, and applicable regulations.

While there are many technology commercialization resources in New York State, the Innovation Law Center is unique in providing research on innovation law-related issues. Over the past five years, the Center has increased the amount of research it provides to over sixty reports per year.

The Innovation Law Center is a resource for companies seeking capital. The Center provides research to help startup founders better understand the market environment and intellectual property landscape relevant for their inventions.

For more information about the Innovation Law Center, visit their website. The Innovation Law Center is a proud sponsor and member of the Upstate Capital Association of New York.