By Noa Simons:

As we prepare for Venture NY on April 27, an important day for our community of innovators across NY, I wanted to highlight one of our partners who has been instrumental not only in bringing the day together, but more importantly, has been focused on supporting the Upstate Capital community for years now. 

Jeremy Shure is Grasshopper Bank’s Co-Head of Tech Banking, an Annual Sponsor for Upstate Capital, and a member of Upstate Capital’s Board of Directors. I have rarely seen someone show up for entrepreneurs from across New York the way Jeremy Shure and Grasshopper Bank have through their actions in the past few years. 

Jeremy and the Grasshopper team have become partners in the New York ecosystem in many ways:

  • co-hosting roundtables for founders, creating spaces across sectors and stages to build deeper relationships amongst peers
  • working as a banking partner with companies and investors to review pitch decks, set up safe-space pitch sessions, and provide founder-friendly digital-first banking services
  • nominating Upstate Capital to be a grantee of the Techstars Foundation, where we were selected as a winner, directly impacting Upstate Capital’s ability to raise an additional $25,000 this year for the NYBPC
  • inviting Seth Levine and Elizabeth MacBride, co-authors of the New Builders, to join Upstate Capital on April 27 for important discussions around investing and the inclusive future of entrepreneurship in America

Jeremy shares that “Grasshopper Bank is a nationally chartered bank headquartered in New York, and I see Upstate NY as an anchor of innovation, top-notch on a national scale. We are consistently impressed by the exceptional founders and investors who call Upstate NY home — and we believe deeply that the upstate ecosystems are well-served by an NYC-based banking partner committed to supporting the local innovation economy. For me, working with companies and funds based in Upstate NY is a highlight of my work.”

I want to extend a personal thank you to Jeremy and Grasshopper Bank for supporting Upstate Capital and our ecosystem. He’s a special person who cares a lot about giving first in the community, and I’m grateful to have him as a partner in the work we do.  Please join me, Jeremy and the Upstate Capital community at Venture NY on April 27, New York’s premier event for the innovation community across New York.

Grasshopper Bank has been a welcome and tremendous banking partner to founders and investors across the entrepreneurial ecosystem, creatively supporting early stage companies and VC firms throughout New York.