Upstate Capital Annual Event

Invest NY: Future of Air & Space 2022

WHEN: July 14, 2022

WHERE: Innovare Advancement Center: 592 Hangar Rd, Rome, NY 13441

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Invest NY: Future of Air & Space, presented by NYSTAR and Upstate Capital is an event to highlight the air and space industry and innovation in Upstate New York. This event brings together members from established companies, investors and dealmakers together with entrepreneurs and startups.

  • Startup pitches for new technology, services and companies
  • Conversations with business owners and CEOs building air and space businesses
  • Discussions with industry experts and active investors

Who Will Be There?

Future of Air & Space will be attended by startup entrepreneurs and innovators, experienced executives, and active investors in artificial intelligence, machine learning, drones and uncrewed systems.


In-Person Ticket: $95
Online Ticket: $50

Upstate Capital Members receive $45 off in-person and free online tickets.



CEO Roundtable (invite only) Details will be shared separately with invited guests

11:00 AM


12:00 PM

Lunch & Networking

Demos & Tours

2:00 PM

Welcome + Startup Showcase

3:00 PM

Funding Air & Space Startups with Three CEOs

3:30 PM

What’s Happening in NY

3:45 PM

Capital Providers’ Perspectives on Investing in Air & Space

4:30 PM

Networking & Demos

Innovare Summer Soiree



WindShape designs, manufactures and operates digital wind facilities – an alternative to wind tunnels – for aerodynamic and flight research and education, as well as drone certification.

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Secwins, LLC.

Secwins helps public and private sector organizations pull back the curtain and have a clearer picture of the socio-technical complexities of the digital ecosystem.

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ResilienX, Inc.

ResilienX is solving the problem of health and integrity monitoring, fault management, and graceful degradation in complex system of systems. As IoT-like ecosystems become more safety and business critical, solutions are needed to maintain uptime and availability in the face of the adverse and off-nominal conditions these systems face in the real world. ResilienX is providing this solution.

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Airial Robotics, Inc.

Thanks to the innovative hybrid concept, which combines proven aerodynamic principles with the latest technologies, AIRIAL ROBOTICS creates a completely new drone category that clearly exceeds current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency whilst at the same time having a highly modular system architecture that can be customized for a wide variety of commercial UAV Missions.

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Airtonomy is the leader of enterprise-scale autonomous robotics for delivering precise inspection insights. A SaaS/RaaS company, Airtonomy enables scaled, autonomous robotic harvesting of unstructured asset data by frontline workers, specifically for machine perception, within the energy and utility sectors, in a $6.5B domestic market.

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CyberSpara is developing a transformational and unique game-based learning platform, called Digital-PASS to empower individuals to mitigate security threats from the Internet.

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Circle Optics, Inc.

At Circle Optics we make the World’s only 360-video systems capable of real-time spherical imaging that is stitch-less, parallax-free, and doesn’t require a gimbal to operate on aerial platforms.

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Romaeris Corporation

Romaeris Corporation’s mission is to provide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with unbeatable cost and mission flexibility advantages for remote sensing and other types of missions.

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Zephyr Systems

Zephyr Systems specializes in all facets of drone operations. We are developing a drone capable of cargo delivery as well as surveillance and mapping.

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Photonect Interconnect Solutions is bringing novel packaging and interconnect solutions to the integrated photonics world.

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Exovolar aims to augment our main mobility tool, the legs, to make flying as simple as walking. The combination of jet engines, exoskeleton, and our patented thrust vector nozzle design allows the legs to fulfill their destined duty – to support and move our body – just now in the sky!

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