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Invest NY: Future of Aerospace & Defense 2021

WHEN: July 8, 2021 | 12pm – 5pm

WHERE: Hybrid: Online & Rome, NY

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Tim Sakulich


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Invest NY: Future of Aerospace and Defense, presented by NYSTAR and Upstate Capital is an event to highlight the defense and aerospace industry and innovation in Upstate New York. This event brings together members from established aerospace and defense companies, investors and dealmakers together with entrepreneurs and startups.

Startup pitches for new technology, services and companies
Conversations with business owners and CEOs building aerospace and defense businesses
Discussions with industry experts and investors in aerospace and defense

Agenda & Speakers


Invitation only: CEO Roundtable with Jeremy Shure, Grasshopper Bank


Future of Aerospace and Defense Showcase


Hosted Networking (in-person facility tours)


Keynote Speaker – Tim Sakulich


Building AX Enterprize with MC Chruscicki and Pat Baskinger of AX Enterprize, moderated by Noa Simons of Upstate Capital


Middle Market PE-Backed Growth Stories in Aerospace & Defense with Greg Wales of Ventoux Industrial Holdings, Mike Faulkner of Weco Manufacturing Group and David Kocen of Bluehenge Capital Partners.


CEO Conversation: The AIS Story with Charles Green and Dan Kalil, moderated by Heather Hage of Griffiss Institute


VC Perspectives in Aerospace & Defense with Jonathan Greene of NY Ventures, Daniel Hanks of Lavrock Ventures and Thomas Hendrix of Decisive Point


Networking (in-person cocktail reception) – Innovare’s Summer Soiree

Who Will Be There?

Aerospace + Defense will be attended by startup entrepreneurs and innovators, experienced executives, active investors and industry professionals in military, engineering and technician industries


In-person tickets: $150 and $100 for Upstate Capital members.
Online ticket: $75 and free for Upstate Capital members.

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Startup Showcase

MEET THE STARTUPS: Join us at Invest NY: Future of Aerospace and Defense to meet startups innovating in Upstate New York. Hear quick pitches for new technology, services and companies.

James Regenor – Founder & President – VeriTX

VeriTX Corp

VeriTX is a trusted fast flexible marketplace for digital assets utilizing a platform-based business model to enable aerospace and medical digital supply chains. The enabling technologies are 3D Printing and Blockchain Provenance. By fusing technologies, VeriTX will enable production to move beyond the traditional four walls of a factory to a distribution network.

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Shelley Chen – Associate Product Manager – Circle Optics

Circle Optics

Circle Optics, Inc. is a Delaware Benefit Corporation founded in 2017, and headquartered in Rochester, NY. Circle has developed a parallax-free 360° x 300° video camera, Hydra Alpha, which was used as a proof of concept to obtain patents awarded in the United States and overseas. Circle is currently developing a second-generation system with improved specifications.

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Noel Goddard – Chief Executive Officer – Qunnect


Qunnect is a spin-off venture from the Quantum Information Technology group at Stony Brook University that focuses on engineering novel quantum devices enabling future information networks and quantum computing using photons to communicate and atoms to store and process quantum information.

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Daniel Slep – CEO & Co-founder – ChemCubed


ChemCubed is a collaborative effort of seasoned technical and marketing professionals in the Printing Industry of over 20 years to form a company for strategic materials in the growing additive manufacturing and 3D printing Industry. The objective of the collaboration is to apply single unit customization principles made possible by digital 3-D rendering to broad-spectrum commercial markets, following established “early adopter” paths to market.

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Clare Murphy – CEO – Layer Metrics Inc

Layer Metrics

Our mission is to make 3D metal AM printers smarter because build integrity is essential to accelerate growth across Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Transportation & Energy applications. We deliver integrated monitoring of key build parameters in real-time to enable adaptive process control via actionable data in a compact digital record.

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Nicolas Vansnick – CEO – BotFactory


BotFactory is an NYC-based company that aims to unshackle innovation from technology, beginning with the way we think, design, and prototype circuits.

Building electronic devices has always been a compromise between cost, flexibility, and time. BotFactory was born to provide all three at any time, in any place, and to anyone. We help companies innovate and get to market faster by selling and supporting instant, customizable, and scalable Electronics Prototyping Desktop Solutions.

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Paul Sun – President & CEO – IronYun


IronYun’s video intelligence platform, Vaidio™, provides AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, health, safety and operations.
The Vaidio Platform orchestrates multiple 4th generation AI video analytics engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs across the industry’s broadest array of video analytics.

Vaidio solutions are deployed with over ten thousand cameras worldwide in perimeter security, intrusion detection, access control, LPR and FR applications.
Vaidio’s Social Health Analytics for public health screening, temperature detection, face mask detection, distancing detection, people counting and occupancy detection are currently in pilot in a number of transit, manufacturing and airport facilities worldwide.

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Ryan Pleskach – CEO – ResilienX


ResilienX is solving the problem of health and integrity monitoring, fault management, and graceful degradation in a complex system of systems. As IoT-like ecosystems become more safety and business-critical, solutions are needed to maintain uptime and availability in the face of the adverse and off-nominal conditions these systems face in the real world. ResilienX is providing this solution.

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Dr. Le Li – President, CEO & Founder – KentOptronics


KOI is a technology developer specialized in developing advanced electro-optical products by leveraging on our outstanding liquid crystal and optics expertise. Established on a credential track-of-record in technological innovations, KOI is the leading provider for technical solutions to electro-optical devices and systems, including tunable filters, switchable mirrors, laser protection devices, as well as multispectral imaging and IR scene projection instruments. KOI offers a diverse range of products to the U.S. defense and industries in photonics, display, imaging and glazing industries

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PJ Bellomo – CEO & Co-founder – P1ston, Inc.

P1ston, Inc.

P1ston is a SaaS startup serving the industrial manufacturing sector. We are building a platform that will shift the status quo of customer-supplier workflows away from email, phone calls, and clunky online portals to a simple integrated experience that delivers speed, visibility, and responsiveness.
Manufacturers in industries such as electric power, oil & gas, defense, and aerospace depend on an inbound supply of custom parts and assemblies. These make-to-order OEMs have spent billions on ERP systems, but take away spreadsheets, and their supply chains break.
Purpose-built for MTO supply chains, P1ston digitally transforms the back and forth workflows between customers and suppliers. We eliminate menial tasks and compress cycle times, reducing costs across the supply chain and benefiting both customers and suppliers.

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Dan Morozoff – Co-Founder – Vidrovr

Vidrovr Inc.

We develop a platform that automatically searches, indexes, and retrieves content from video archives and live streams. On top of the search and machine-learning core, we have built the most advanced video monitoring, alert, and summary report system on the market today, helping clients understand the contents of their videos and find the information they care about quickly. Our clients include some of the world’s leading media companies, including NBC and the AP, multiple government agencies, and think tanks.

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Evaguel Rhysing – President & CEO – United Aircraft Technologies

United Aircraft Technologies, Inc.

A Sikorsky Innovations Award-Winning company that believes in the power of innovation and how it can keep humanity moving forward to further frontiers. Therefore, it continuously develops new technology that facilitates aircraft maintenance, improves aerospace safety, monitors wiring integrity, and increases fuel economy.

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Brian Streem – CEO & Founder – Vermeer


Vermeer is an augmented reality drone piloting tool. The software was built from the ground up to remove the friction from camera flight. The iOS mobile app enables anyone to fly a drone, regardless of their skill level or technical expertise. An end user physically moves their phone camera through a miniature AR model of their location to create a path for the drone to execute in the real world.
The app was built by the same people who founded and operated the world’s leading aerial cinematography company. Now, the same team is democratizing aerial film by distilling their years of piloting experience into a software application.

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Oscar Lee – INNOSEK, LLC


Innosek is a contract manufacturing, product development, and R&D company specializing in additive manufacturing services, technology, and products.

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Casey Hoffman – Co-Founder -Vistex Composites

Vistex Composites

Vistex Composites is a manufacturing innovation company that has developed disruptive technology for the manufacture of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite products. Our patented Pressure Focusing Layer (PFL)™ process, which reduces energy consumption and CapEx/OpEx by at least an order of magnitude, provides our customers with improved throughput and performance at a competitive price. The PFL™ process reduces manufacturing waste while providing equivalent strength, dimensional tolerances and aesthetics when compared to the same autoclave cured products. Vistex utilizes digital modeling and proprietary optimization algorithms to drive the design of the patented fabrication process, and manufacture complex components without the need for extensive heat, vacuum, autoclaves, etc. In an industry that traditionally relies on brute force, Vistex provides an elegant, energy-efficient solution.

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