Upstate Capital Annual Event

M&A Advisor Series

WHEN: March 23, 2022 | 4:00PM

WHERE: The Opalka Gallery @ Russell Sage College

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Michael Lasch
Cory Martin
Maurice Tessier
Chuck Haviland
Matt Scarchilli

Meet Fingerpaint’s founder, Ed Mitzen, and global president, Bill McEllen, along with local industry professionals with knowledge and experience related to growing and exiting companies through mergers and acquisitions.

Here’s why to attend:

  • Professional advisors gain knowledge that is helpful in advising clients and grow their referral networks.
  • Business owners hear about fundamental principles and considerations, both from transaction professionals and from CEOs and executives who have gone through M&A transactions. 

Join us on March 23 at The Opalka Gallery @ Russell Sage College, 140 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208

Series Overview

Upstate Capital’s M&A Advisor Event Series is designed to facilitate knowledge and connections for service providers and business owners related to merging and acquiring companies. Events will cover topics including how businesses are valued, how to build a deal team, how to find buyers, and what to expect from running a sales process. 

Each program includes an invitation-only roundtable for business owners and entrepreneurs to sit down with experienced executives in a closed-door session. The roundtable is followed by a panel presentation from local industry professionals, investors, and executives who have gone through M&A transactions.  Networking is open before and after the program.

Who Will Be There?

The M&A Advisor Series will be attended by executives, investors, and industry professionals interested in M&A and ownership transitions.


Tickets: $100
For Upstate Capital members: $75

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Invitation-only Roundtable for Business Owners and Founders


Registration + Networking


Introduction: Welcome to the M&A Advisor Series with Michael Lasch, Pine Street Capital Partners


Panel Discussion: What Are Businesses Worth? Valuation Considerations


Fingerpaint’s M&A Journey
Conversation with Ed Mitzen, Founder, and Bill McEllen, Global President – Fingerpaint

Ed Mitzen and his team at Fingerpaint acquired several companies, leveraging private equity for support, to grow the company strategically. The M&A strategy was successful in attracting an acquirer for Fingerpaint in 2021. Ed and Bill will join us to talk about building the company and their lessons learned, with a particular focus on how to approach acquisitions and getting acquired.


Networking Reception

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FAQ for M&A Series Roundtable Attendees

Is this event suitable for first-time startups?

The roundtable is most suitable for people with $1M+ revenue companies who are actively thinking about growing their businesses, possibly by making acquisitions, as well as people who have larger companies and are thinking about exiting by getting acquired. 

Do I have to bring anything with me or will I be asked anything specific?

You should come prepared to share who you are, what you do, and a question you’d like to ask the co-hosts and experienced people in the room. 

Is there anything else I should know?

This is an opportunity to make more intimate connections with your peers and with people who have in-depth experience with business topics that are relevant now, or could be relevant in the future, for you. You can assume that what is spoken about in the room will stay there, and should afford the same courtesy to other participants.