Businesses are built on relationships. At Upstate Capital, the people here know business. Members join a thriving, congenial network with expertise ranging from funding startups to acquiring companies to succession planning. Joining Upstate Capital provides access to knowledge and relationships that support building successful companies - in accessing capital and beyond. When you join Upstate Capital, you gain access to relationships with funding providers and sources for deal flow that foster successful businesses, as well as vital information about industry trends in Upstate New York.

Quality Network

Whether you're looking to support current clients or find new opportunities, Upstate Capital is the place to meet like-minded people and do business together

Valuable Information

Find out what's happening in private capital financings across Upstate New York through detailed deal flow reports and events on relevant topics


Increase awareness of your organization and get recognized for supporting startups and established businesses with investors, advisors and business leaders

Nasir AliUpstate Venture Connect

Upstate Capital is how I found my first job in the region. Members from multiple cities connected me to others and I felt welcomed by an amazing group of people dedicated to funding the best entrepreneurs in Upstate NY.

Join the only membership organization in Upstate New York that connects business professionals, advisors, investors and companies across the state


  • Detailed listing in membership directory with built-in referral request feature for warm introductions
  • Opportunities to sponsor events for increased exposure and visibility to the Upstate investment community
  • Access to quarterly detailed private investment transaction reports
  • Exclusive invitations to members-only events and discounted tickets to regular events
  • $750 per year for 1 person and $100 for each additional person