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Member Spotlight: Rob Nichols

Meet Rob Nichols: Commercial Banker with KeyBank, Angel Investor and avid MWBE-Supporter Rob’s perspective as a commercial banker at KeyBank and as an angel investor gives him a unique perspective on how to scale startupsHis passion is finding new ways to get capital to women and minority-owned businesses, which is right in line with KeyBank’s approach […]

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Member Spotlight: Catching Up with David Colligan

Western Ny’s Man best known for startups, community service and maple syrupBy Noa SimonsAfter Bright Buffalo Niagara last week, I had a chance to sit down with David Colligan, founder of Buffalo-based Colligan Law. David has been advising startups, supporting the Buffalo ecosystem, and overall doing things differently for his whole career – from the time […]

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Meet Sujatha: She’s Got a Few Million to Invest in OPI Startups

Meet Sujatha Ramanujan:She’s Got a Few Million to Invest in OPI Startups Pictured: Sujatha Ramanujan (left) and Noa Simons (right)  on 9/13/17By Noa Simons, Executive Director​The pleasure of meeting Sujatha Ramanujan was mine. She is a bright, dynamic, energetic champion of startups, technology, women in business and Upstate New York. She is also the person who has […]

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Letter from the President: September 2017

Welcome new members, returning members and friends of Upstate Capital!RANDY BIANCHIBoard President, Upstate Capital Managing Partner, Lakelet Capital               As President of the Upstate Capital Association, it is my privilege to welcome you to our new website and to further introduce you to Upstate Capital Association –the premier networking organization, and voice of our regions […]

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